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Charlie Highlight vid

This is a short track and field highlight video for Ladue junior Charlie Krasnoff.

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Six Word Story

For this assignment we had to come up with a six word story and then six shots on how we interpreted our six word story. My words as seen in the video are "Books. Used to Escape the…

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19 shots

In my broadcast technology class, my teacher Mr.Goble asked us to edit the best 3 to 5 seconds of each clip for 10 of the 19 shots we recorded. In my 19 shots, I used objects in my room to pose as…

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5 shot sequence

Jeff the plants relaxes and watches a movie. This video is my 5 shot sequence for broadcast technology.

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19 Shots Shooting Gallery

Here is a video featuring my two dogs and 10 out of the 19 shots from The Shooting Gallery

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5 - Shot Sequence

We were asked to do a project where you need to take 5 different shots of a person. So it can make our camera skills and editing skills improve. If you are a person that doesn't know how to take…

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5-Shot Sequence EDITING in iMovie

February 18, 2021 - Mr. Goble Broadcast Technology I class. Mr Goble models a simple workflow for editing the 5-Shot Sequence, from: Creating a new Event and renaming it Importing video clips Using…

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5-Shot Sequence lecture: Broadcast Technology I class, February 7, 2021

Mr. Goble goes through the latest lessons, cinematography, and discusses the basic three camera shot distances, Wide, Medium, and Tight, also referred to as a Close Up shot sometimes. We also discuss…

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