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Community learns sign language to engage with 2-year-old girl

A two-year-old girl who is deaf loves to chat with anyone. When her neighbors found out, they came together to learn how to communicate with her. Steve Hartman reports from Newton, Massachusetts, for…

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Pledge in Sign Language • February 2021

Second grade students at Somerset Heights Elementary School recite the Pledge of Allegiance in American Sign Language -- online during distance learning. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the…

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Nita's First Signs

Get ready kids (and adults too)—it’s time to learn ten essential signs that everyone should know!

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Animated Hero Classics - Helen Keller

In this program, learn about Helen Keller. With the help of a patient teacher, she is successful in overcoming obstacles of deafness and blindness and learns to communicate.

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The History of William "Dummy" Hoy - A Deaf Baseball Player

Steve Sandy, a Deaf researcher, studied William “Dummy” Hoy for 30 years! Dummy Hoy was known for introducing the gesture for strike-balls and safe-out at a professional baseball game and…

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Descubriendo La Cenicienta en señas internacionales | Disney Princesa

Descubriendo La Cenicienta interpretado en señas internacionales. Descubre La Cenicienta, la historia de una bondadosa y determinada joven que queda al cuidado de su malvada madrastra. …

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Song Yes I Will Signed

Worship Song "Yes I Will" by Vertical Signed. I do not own the rights to this song. No copyright intended. I made this video to help us learn and apply sign language to our worship. Watch…

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Signing Illustrated Ch.13 p. 240 Voiced

Signing Illustrated Chapter 13 page 240, a voiced review of the end of chapter page.

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Peace of God Lyrics Walk-through

Sign Language vocabulary of the main lyrics of the song, "Peace of God". It is a walk-through of different signs that can be used and how they are signed.

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Research Project Paper Voiced.mp4

Research Project Paper clarifying what to do and expect voiced and signed instructions.

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Homework Assignments Status Sheet Voiced

Sign Language Homework Assignments for the rest of the year, how to understand the weekly syllabus status sheet that has always been sent out this year. There isn't any changes at this point. As…

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7 Basic Handshapes Voicing

A Review of the 7 basic hand shapes listed in the "Signing Illustrated" book by Mickey Flodin on page 18. The review is voiced with signing examples.

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5 Parameters of a Sign Voiced

Review of the 5 parameters of a sign in voice with examples

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Unit 2 Sentences

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2015 Signfest part 5

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2015 Signfest part 3

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