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Funny Silent Movie (One Cookie Left)

What will happen to Jessie and Max when there is only one cookie left?! You will have to SEE... Ya know... cuz it's silent. Yeah. Enjoy.

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Charlie Chaplin - The Lion's Cage

For the scenes with the lions Chaplin made some 200 takes, in many of which he was actually inside the lion's cage. His looks of fear are not all merely acting.

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Silent Film

School Assignment

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Koshy Silent Movie final

Phone thief

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Silent Scene


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Silent scene

She was going to check her locker like usual but today there's something off...

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Mystery Word

Silent e Bossy e Stretchy Snake Kindergarten

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The Electric Company silent E

The Electric Company has fun with the letter e.

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Nessy Reading Strategy | Magic E | Learn to Read

Learn about the Magic E - Why is the letter 'e' silent at the end of words? e.g. hope The Magic E beams in to protect weaker vowels, giving them all its power and making itself silent! …

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Electric Company - Haunted House (Silent E)

One of the many "haunted house" sketches, this one featuring Bill Cosby and Skip Hinnant.

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Out of Service

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The Last Piece

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Silent Night Game - MHS v. Fox

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Session Gone Wrong

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Stick Figure

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