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Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows us his "kitchen" in space and prepares a 0-g treat. Free-floating food-eating ensues, complete with a tumbling tortilla. Professional aircraft…

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Buoyancy: What Makes Something Float or Sink?

This short video is a great way to teach about buoyancy and density. A quick and simple animation to help early-elementary aged kids understand the basic concepts of buoyancy (floating and sinking),…

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Learn Numbers in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - 60 Second Spanish - Counting 21 to 30

Check out for lessons, lyrics and other musical Spanish learning tools. Learn how to count in Spanish from 1 to 100 using music in this quick 60 second Spanish…

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Plot Mountain! | The Plot Diagram Song | Scratch Garden

The Plot Diagram song will help you increase your storytelling power and learn the elements of plot. A 'plot mountain' diagram is often used when learning storytelling or teaching story…

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The Titanic by Allison

2022 iDidaMovie entry for the iDidaContest sponsored by ASTE

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Chapter 9 - Just Another Rainy Day (part 2) with Miss Arp

Reading for November 30, chapter 9 "Just Another Rainy Day" part 2 (pages 102 - 107) with principal assistant, Miss Arp!

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Magic School Bus - Ups and Downs

Sink & Float

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Classlink Connection Process

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Science Directions

“The information, materials, audio and video are for educational purposes and may not be copied, transcribed, shared, transmitted or published without written permission from the Woodland Park…

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Pete Cromer Bird day 1

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Thursday Activity Time - House Scavenger Hunt, "O" Hunt & Adding People to your House

We're practicing the letter "O" by forming the letter with either play dough or a dry-erase marker on our laminated "O" cards. We're also hunting for the letter…

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News For 74 - Veterans Day 2020

MS74's News For 74 members Piper Keating and Pallas Lee worked together to create a video all about Veterans Day. Remember to give thanks to the veterans in your family and community on November…

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Demonstration of handwashing using soap and thoroughly scrubbing hands clean.

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making slip

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Glaze Organization and Clean up procedures

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