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Amelia G Six Word Story

I made chose and then filmed a six word story for my broadcast technology class. We were instructed to choose/create a story using only six words then film it in only six shots.

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6 word story

In broadcast technology, Mr.Goble asked us to Write an original Six-Word Story. My 6 words were is this real life or fantasy these six words were inspired by the song bohemian rhapsody which I later…

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Hard Work Pays Off Every Time

Hard work pays off every time you are dedicated to push yourself to the limit.

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Six Word Story

For this assignment we had to come up with a six word story and then six shots on how we interpreted our six word story. My words as seen in the video are "Books. Used to Escape the…

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Six shots, six words

A six word story with the help of my amazing sister and her being able to drive me to a park and film this. I think this is one of my favorite videos I have made so far.

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Six-Word Story

A video that tells a story in six shots with only six words.

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Hariswar Six Word Story

We need to do a project called Six Word Story where we need to find 6 words and create a story on it by using six different shots. Taking this video will take time but the result we get is worth the…

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Virtual Learning is Getting Really Old

We were asked to create a six word story, using six

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I Am Ryan Lord

New and improved video for Multimedia Sports Production. Had to recrop a couple images.

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iAm Jake Shelton

In this project, we created an iMovie trailer that describes ourselves. In this video, I show pictures from some of my favorite and most memorable moments that I think characterize me as a person.

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I am Jackson

For this project we were supposed to make a trailer about us. In my trailer I cover being an athlete all the way into being a brother and son. This project was super fun to do and I hope you enjoy…

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Not Much To Learn In School

For this project I was asked to create a video about me, what makes me myself and no one else. It was meant to showcase what I have done and what my passions are.

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Last Dance

In this trailer it's showing different things about me and who I am. I explained many different important things to me that I am.

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I am Nico

In this video we were asked to find pictures of ourselves that described us. Then we would add a title stating I am and whatever the following pictures showed.

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I Am Ryan Lord

Video was created for Multi Media Sports Production. I had to create an iMovie about myself, so I chose things that I like/enjoy doing.

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I am Jack Mitchell

For this project we had to create a video about who we are. With that being said we used photos or videos that we had in our phones and put them in certain categories that define us.

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