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Weather Song

The weather song teaches kids about the different types of weather, weather conditions, weather facts and weather vocabulary. Free Teaching Resources: …

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Rocks Song

Rocks Song by Peter Weatherall PCS 2nd Grade Science

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Star Personalities: Crash Course Kids #25.2

In this video, students will learn about the different qualities stars can have and how different they are from one another despite how they all look the same from our perspective of looking at the…

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Nonfiction book review about Lobsters, from an English Learner.

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WWTV News December 6, 2021


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1st Grade Math Measurement

Learn to measure objects to the nearest unit using different units of measurement and how to explain why the number of units needed are different. One extended example is provided in the video. Find…

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Quincy Public Schools String Demonstration 2021

Quincy's Elementary Students learned from the instructors about the 4 different string instruments they will learn in the String After-School Program. Students can learn the Violin, Viola, and…

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How to Embed a SchoolTube Video

Learn how to embed a SchoolTube video into a website or web page.

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4th U8L4 #2

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RMSTV Thursday 4.29.2021

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RMSTV Thursday 4.22.2021

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I Am Enough

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Kindergarten, Earth Science, Lesson 13

Summer trees

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Feb 10 lesson

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aps 8-3 conf int means

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