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iRam 11.17

This episode features skits about some missing food, a Christmas student interaction segment, a certain Christmas song that shall not be named, and Mystery Gang Christmas Special. Enjoy!

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U3.L5 - Stairs

Adding Stairs to the home

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VIDEO 05 Graphing in Standard From Alg 1 TUES 11 1

Graphing in Standard form with x and y intercept

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This is why we Fly

Sometimes what a pilot sees in a day, people won't see in their lifetimes. Professional aircraft flying, maintenance and building jobs will always have excellent career opportunities for…

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Rewriting a quadratic function to find roots and vertex | Algebra I | Khan Academy

This playlist consists of 45 videos all about quadratic Equations. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and…

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gotw t3wk4


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Full Vector Addition Example

Full Vector Addition Example

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Geometry Chapter 6.7 pt 1


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iRam 11.16

This episode features skits about how the show hosts are selected, missing teachers, favorite Disney songs, babysitting the twins, and having fun with mad libs. Please enjoy!

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iRam 11.9

This iRam episode celebrates the new James Bond film release with a Bond parody, followed by skits about Podcast Auditions, opinions of the holidays, and then honors the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday…

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iRam 11.3

In honor of the upcoming Halloween season, this episode features a couple of spooky skits and parodies, starting with a Deathnote parody called "Tripnote," a segment about a haunted muppet,…

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iRam 11.1

This episode features a Jaws parody, and other comedic sketches involving the importance of tucking in chairs, performing innocent dares, and the little known condition of backward-itis. Please…

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Distance Learners Masked Meaning Video Presentation

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Todd Parr School Drawing - day 1

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Monster in my closet project presentation

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Once in a While Show: Episode 2

Following social distancing guidelines and remote filming, the 3rd year media students created the second episode for the Once in a While Show. This episode contains a music video, skits about the…

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