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20 Kids Jokes! Funny Jokes for Children | Bounce Patrol

The Bounce Patrol gang tell 20 funny kids jokes! Laugh along with some clean, family-friendly jokes for children of all ages :-) Knock knock?

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Peep and the Big Wide World: The Disappearing Drink

Someone is stealing Chirp's water! Who would do such a sneaky thing!? (Besides Quack, I mean.) For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with their kids, and resources for…

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Baby Skunks Act Just Like Little Puppies | Animal Videos for Kids | Dodo Kids

Skunks, in a house!? These three little skunks were found when they were tiny babies — they hadn't even opened their eyes for the first time! But an animal rescuer took care of them until…

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Skunk Facts For Kids - All Info such as Habitat, Spray Diet, Baby

In this video you will learn 15 Skunk Facts For Kids - All Info such as Habitat, Spray Diet, Baby. Skunk are mammals that are easily recognized by their black and white colored fur. There are 10…

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another great game

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Ms. Conness Read Along

A Boy Called Bat- Chapters 5-10 Vocabulary words this week: collaboration, omnivore, eyelet

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Chapters 23-26

read aloud

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BAT Chapters 18-22

read aloud

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BAT 2-5

read aloud

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Benchmark Poem QUESTIONS and ANSWERS


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Music TK #11

Welcome to November! It's a special month for words beginning with"T" - Thanksgiving and turkey! We'll sing a very funny song about a very proud turkey. Then, we'll meet…

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Thursday October 1 Week 2 Day 3 Owen Foote Word Study

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Wednesday September 30 Week 2 Day 2 Owen Foote

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The Skunk

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