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Thursday Activity Time - Scarecrow Part 2 & Old Lady Game

Today we're finishing our scarecrow by using the newspaper, yarn and hanger. Please hang your own t-shirt on the hanger to complete your scarecrow. You'll also need some tape to stick the…

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Tuesday Activity Time - Voting and Assessments

Vote for your favorite food! And, don't forget to decorate and proudly display your voting sticker! We're working on assessment activities this week. Today, complete the name sample and…

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Oct. 23 WS

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AM Circle Time 9.10

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Masked Ninja

Masked Ninja Read Aloud

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Heggertys Friday 5_22.mp4

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5/4/20 Circle Time Preschool 3s

Let's take a look at our MAY calendar and get weather frog dressed for a sunny day! You won't want to miss our book, "The Gumdrop Tree". Maybe you and Mom or Dad can get some…

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4/27/20 Preschool 3s Circle Time

Join Mrs. Brittany as we check out the calendar, dress Weather Frog and talk about insects!

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Heggerty: Week 3- Friday

Miss Stitz is teaching a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson for Friday, week three.

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Riggs Lesson 149

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Phonemic Awareness Week 24 Thursday

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Opinion Writing with Ms. Galvin

Ms. Galvin gives a brief overview of the difference between an opinion and a fact. Then she demonstrates how to give reasons for your opinion and how to check over your opinion writing when you have…

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Number of the Day - 3 digits

This is a short maths activity that you can do frequently to consolidate number sense and increase mathematical fluency.

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Number of the Day 2-digit

This is a quick activity that can consolidate existing number sense and improve mathematical fluency.

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Happy Birthday Bubs

It's Bubs' birthday. There is a surprise party for him!

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