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Ancient Jewish Meditation Literature

Episode 4 explores the unique literary style of the Bible that is meant to draw its readers into a lifelong journey of reading and meditation. The Bible is designed as a multi-layered work, offering…

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Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning

GLIFWC has released another video in a series of short films known as the “Ogichidaa Storytellers” project. “Place of the Pike: Ginoozhekaaning,” features the Bay Mills Ojibwe…

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gtt report

term 2 report

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SJHS News 5.13.22


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Yellow Mongoose vs. Cape Cobra (Africa)

Yellow Mongoose vs. Cape Cobra (Africa)

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Mongoose vs Black Mamba

A Mongoose and Black Mamba Fight to the Death

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Cobra vs. Mongoose

Indian mongoose fights a cobra

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34 Minutes of KIDZ BOP Dance Along Videos

For more info, check out: Dance along to 34 MINUTES of KIDZ BOP dance along videos with The KIDZ BOP Kids! 🎧…

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wana story 29-2

thanks so much to Wana from the GTT kids

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Food Webs and Energy Pyramids Bedrocks of Biodiversity

food webs

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Most Satisfying Videos Of Workers Doing Their Job Perfectly !

There are people who hate Mondays, and there are those who love them because they’re happy with their jobs! So today we're going to show you Workers Who Do Their Job Perfectly and it is…

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Elementary Announcements 2.3.22

Morning News

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Largest reptile zoo. Guinness World Records

The world's largest reptile zoo is Reptile Gardens, just outside Rapid City in South Dakota, USA. As of January 2013, it houses more than 225 different reptilian species and subspecies, which is…

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Slimmest lizard - 15-11-2014 Guinness World Records

The world’s slimmest lizard is the Australian legless snake lizard (Lialis burtoni), which can measure more than 50 cm (20 in) long, but at its mid-body is no thicker than a pencil.

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Elementary Announcements 2.1.22

Morning News

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1/31 Class Session

Exodus 4

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