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Social-Emotional Learning: What Is SEL and Why SEL Matters

Watch this video to learn all about SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and why it matters so much. Learn more at What is SEL? Social-emotional…

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Student Trauma Rates are Higher Than Ever. How Play Therapy Can Help

The ideas presented in this video could change the lives of so many children. Watch and learn about the positive impact play has on children, especially those that have experienced trauma. The…

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Classroom Examples of Social and Emotional Learning and Character Development

This video provides excellent examples of how teachers can include social and emotional learning into their everyday lessons. Learn more at Video clips Credit : …

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The Circle of Control- Social Emotional Learning for Kids

Check out this video for kids all about emotional regulation. This is a great social emotional lesson for children who are starting to learn how to problem solve on their own. In your circle of…

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Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

This is a great video for students to understand their emotions, and how to regulate their emotions. Simple, easy-to-understand whiteboard animation to help early Elementary-aged children gain an…

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Flipping Your Lid- The Brain in the Palm of your Hand

This is a great video to help students understand what losing their temper looks and feels like. Watch along with your students or child as we explore the brain in the palm of our hand and what…

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FACTS is learning a tool for SEL wellness_ Qigong 2022

During the pandemic, Folk Arts - Cultural Treasures Charter School has provided qigong class program to all their students. This folk art form provides a useful tool for students to use in managing…

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Little Sock

For Little Sock, every day’s the same—until, one night, he leaves his drawer in search of adventure.

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Monster, Be Good!

Monsters can be wild and grumpy and scary! But with a little bit of help, monsters can also be good!

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Unicorn (and Horse)

Unicorn is a unicorn. And Horse is, well... not. But appearances don't always tell the whole story.

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Where Are You?

Two imaginative and silly friends learn the value of perseverance, inner strength, and friendship!

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Automatic Negative Thoughts - Meet the ANT Buddies!

For more info, check out: Our brains are hardwired for the negative. These thoughts may be normal, but they’re not…

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Size of Feelings - SEL Sketches

Learn the difference between small feelings that feel good and are easy to manage on your own vs. big feelings that feel lousy and leave you feeling out of control! Visit for…

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The Honest-to-Goodness Truth by Patricia McKissack

Libby gets in trouble for lying. She decides from now on to only tell the truth. Her friends and neighbor get mad at her before she learns how to tell the truth.

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Breathe and Relax S8 E10

Discover breathing techniques to help you relax! SUBSCRIBE for more kid-friendly reviews and original WonderGrove stories:

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Relaxed Breathing Training, Version B

This video, designed to help pace breathing at a rate that helps calm the mind and body, was designed by headache specialists at Children's Mercy Hospital, together with Bazillion Pictures, Inc.

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