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In preparation for Thursday's test, I want you to get familiar with Sociology and Religion's next subject: Zoroastrianism.

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Mere Christianity: Why bother with reading the Bible?

Here is an important video for you to watch as we ready ourselves for next week. Simply watch the video; no essay needed today.

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What kind of power does propaganda have over the messes? Let's take a look...

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SOCIOLOGY AND HUMOR: What makes people laugh?

Why do some people laugh at something while other people yawn at the joke? Why do people laugh anyway - what is it that causes you to react in such a way? Today's subject is quite intriguing. …

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The ethics behind the Tuskegee Syphilis study

history of medicine and public health Paul Starr, Social Transformation

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Miriam Mali Survey Video 2013

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1.3 Values and Norms

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We are Not Single Stories

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