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Solstice Carol

By the Wyrd Sisters From the discontinued cassette: Leave a Little Light Lyrics: A Fire is burning The long night draws near All who need comfort Are welcome by here We'll dance…

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What is a Solstice? | National Geographic

What is the definition of a solstice, and when do they happen? Is the winter solstice always the first day of winter? Find out what causes these bi-annual astronomical events, as well as how they…

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The end of day and night

Don't's just the end of learning about "day and night". Indiana Chapter - Time Create a Schedule Morning, Afternoon, Evening Rotation vs Revolution

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A 360° View of Stonehenge

Stand in the centre of Stonehenge - one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. Visit Stonehenge: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE…

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DJ Solstice and MS Equinox

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Reasons for the Seasons

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