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60 Seconds Sophia Tarpey

Here is a short video showing a synopsis of my life from childhood to now. Watch this video to see a little more about me!

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Tarpey Interview an Expert

Here is me interviewing my Father, Mike Tarpey, the Varsity Ladue football coach. Watch to hear more about Ladue Football and my Dad's passion for coaching!

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Six Word Story

Here is my Six Word Story project for Broadcast Technology. In this video you will see six unique shots that tell a story through six words. This video is a love story between my two parents, so if…

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Thank you Video

Here is my Thank you Video for one of my favorite teachers Ms.Monsen! Ms.Monsen is an amazing math teacher here at Ladue and this is a video to thank her for everything she does. Watch this video to…

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The Shooting Gallery

This is my Shooting Gallery Video for Broadcast Technology. In this video I used 10 different shots to practice new angles and views. This video was taken at Ladue Highschool and shows my friends…

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iAm Sophia 2021

This is Sophia Tarpey's iAm video for Broadcast Technology. In this video I show you my likes and what is important to me. Watch to learn more about me and my life!

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