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Acceleration Solving for time

Given change in velocity and acceleration...find the time.

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Animation: How a Glacier Melts

When warm summer air melts the surface of a glacier, the meltwater bores holes down through the ice. It makes its way all the way down to the bottom of the glacier where it runs between the ice and…

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2021-2022 Episode 20

CHSN Week of 3/18/2022

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Learn Math With Blazer Fresh - Mean, Median, Mode and Range | Songs For Kids | Sing Along | GoNoodle

For more info, check out: Learn how to find the mean, median, mode and range to any set of numbers with Blazer Fresh's fun math song. …

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2021-2022 Episode 17

CHSN Week of 2/11/2022

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Fastest mammal on land - over short distances - 25-02-1999. Guinness World Records

The fastest mammal on land is the cheetah (<em>Acinonyx jubatus</em>). When measured over a short distance the cheetah can maintain a steady maximum speed of approximately 100km/h (62…

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Fastest land snake - 15-11-2014. Guinness World Records

The fastest land snake is the aggressive black mamba (Dendroaspis Polylepis) of southeastern, tropical Africa. The snake can reach speeds of 16–19 km/h (10–12 mph) in short bursts over…

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5-18-21 Morning Announcements.mp4

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AP 1 Zoom Force and Motion FR #2 - Completion

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Jillian Parry Speech 1

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Pre-Algebra Class 10/28/20

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K-2 Throwing Tossing Challenge

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Rosamunde Violin 1 Beg-B.mp4

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Largest, Fastest, Loudest

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Easter 2020

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