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Anthon McDermott Speech 2 2022

Hallsville High School

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CCMS Reports Wednesday Sep 14

Students cover the weather and sports for the week!

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The Lincoln - Douglas Debates

The Lincoln - Douglas Debates

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SJHS News 1.28.22

SJHS Desktop

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SJHS News 1.18.22


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SJHS 12.6.21


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Lily Soto Speech 2

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The Star Spangled Banner (The National Anthem)

Sing along to this beautiful patriotic song

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H.H. Dow High School Journalism Elective Video

In this video the students of Dow High Journalism courses explain what happens in the class and why students need to join the staff next year. Letting the students take control is the main focus of…

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Tom's Sporting Goods Commercial

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Tom's Sporting Goods Commercial - Inanimate object

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