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Farmers Feed the World Musical Parody of "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)," "Hit the Quan," and "Uptown Funk"

A parody music video of the songs, "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)," "Hit the Quan," and "Uptown Funk" done by the Peterson Farm Bros (Greg, Nathan, and Kendal). Farming is…

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How To Make Pumpkin Muffins

How To Make Pumpkin Muffins

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Hodges Cookies

Junior Abigail Hodges runs her own cookie business.

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iRam 11.10

This episode introduces the Student Dash, a delivery service for the forgetful student, followed by a warning of the dangers stemming from the overuse of spray cologne, tells the story of a student…

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SLC 2021 - Sharing the Planet - Global

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Bug Spray Commercial

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5-3-21 Daily Announcements

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Black Lives Matter PSA Final 2021

Media Lit middle school class, 2021. By Waverley, Addy, JP, and Finn.

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Mehlville Media Broadcast - March 5, 2021

Thanks for watching! For more, visit us online at and follow us on socials @MehlvilleMedia.

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WSCN - Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2021

Features a book review by Katia and a throwback commercial for Brat Away Spray.

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Marker Printing

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Writing a Conclusion


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SJHS News 11.9.20

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Tie Die Coffee Filter Pumpkin Craft

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Building Words with Vowel Teams

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