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Elementary Announcements 9.26.22

Morning News

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Gingerbread House Competition - Mehlville Media

Check out some bonus holiday content!

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Test April 16

Spelling test

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Activity Time: Thursday, March 4 - Decorate Cupcake & 100 Sprinkles

Let's practice #1 and #2 by tracing with crayons on our "rainbow" number pages. We're counting by 10's by adding "sprinkles" to our cupcakes. Use marker to make…

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How To Draw A Valentine Cupcake

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Reindeer Food

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Combined pinch adding details and sculpting tips and tricks

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Math: Which One Doesn't Belong_

Look at the pictures on the card. What do you see? How the items alike? How are the items different? Which on doesn't belong? Why? There is no wrong answer!

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5-13-20 Craft

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FunFriday with Muffalo Potatoe (and Mrs. White)

We are going to draw using only letters and numbers!!!

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ABA Ice Cream assignment

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Probability Video #3

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Monday Morning Meeting, April 27, 2020

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If you give a cat a cupcake readaloud

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8th 10-6

HW pg. 498 #7-17

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Taking A Bath With The Dog

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