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Mr. Vannah reading a Historical Fiction book: The Great White House Breakout by Helen Thomas & Chip Bok

The Penguin Group Publishing Video Recording - Fri Oct 16 2020 14:49:16 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

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Incey Wincey Spider

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Art Lesson #6 SPY GLASS

Draw what you see and what you want to see.

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Makerspace Activity: I Spy Bottle

Here is a fun activity that you can do with items around your house! Here some items that you will need: -water bottle: recyclable or reusable. (If you don't have a water bottle, you can use…

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WK 8 Day 1 Heggerty Rhyming Production

Rhyming nonsense words with real words in the category of "Things on Your Head"

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WK 7 Heggerty Adding Phonemes

Add a beginning sound to a word or word part. Then say new word.

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WK 7 Substituting Phonemes

Replace the beginning blend with a new blend. Then say the new word.

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