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Coach's Show: Coach Yantis

Junior Tessa Norfleet sits down with new Varsity Head Football Coach Mr. Donnie Yantis

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Pandemic Behavior: 10th Graders Acting Like 7th Graders

For more info, check out: This pandemic has caused a gap between developmental age and chronological age for many…

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Joseph Holliday 2004

An interview with former teacher/principal Joseph Holliday. Conducted in Fall, 2004. WCAP, Broughton

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4.3 Philosophy in Lit, Fear and Trembling

Genesis Abraham and Isaac, Fear and Trembling, Kierkegaard's Stages, Activity

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H.H. Dow High School Journalism Elective Video

In this video the students of Dow High Journalism courses explain what happens in the class and why students need to join the staff next year. Letting the students take control is the main focus of…

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