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The Rainbow Fish read by Ernest Borgnine

For more info, check out: Rainbow Fish is written and illustrated by Marcus Pfister and read by Ernest Borgnine. The Rainbow…

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4/20 Class Session

Doctrine of demons

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Fidgety Fish and Friends

Mrs. Zimmer reads Fidgety Fish and Friends by Paul Bright and Ruth Galloway.

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6th Lab Safety Presentation

6th grade science lab safety presentation

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The Rainbow Fish.mp4

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Phonics 9.9

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First Grade Science Introduction, Week 1

First Week of First Grade Science for 2020-21 School Year.

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Ocean Life Cycles - Mrs. Brannon

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Read Aloud - "A House for Hermit Crab"

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Mermaid School by Joanne Stewart and Julianna Swaney

Mermaid School by Joanne Stewart and Julianna Swaney

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Animal Stretches !

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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week2 partC

After having learned new yoga animal poses, T. Sheena guides 2nd graders in relaxing their body. She uses a singing bowl to help them meditate and relax in order to get the most out of their yoga…

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The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish read by Miss Flude

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cooper grandma may 14-1.mp4

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5-15-20 Story Time

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Saxon Phonics 134.mp4

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