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Lesson 5 Session 5

More ways to solve two-step problems.

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Lesson 5 Session 4

Practice solving two-step word problems.

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Lesson 2 Session 4

Using mental math strategies for subtraction.

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Lesson 1 Session 3

Using doubles and doubles + 1

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Brave TV News 5/25/2022

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast

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What Were the Articles of Confederation History-1

A More Perfect Union, 8th Grade, Articles of Confederation

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Sticker Promo

asb video production Chloe Pascal and Jake Winter

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Stickers in the Student Store

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Drawn History: The Story of Muhammad Ali | History

For more info, check out In 1954, a boy from Kentucky had his bicycle stolen. Seeing him angry, a police officer suggested that in order to beat the thief,…

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Elementary Announcements 9.1.21

Morning News

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Activity Time: Wednesday, May 12 - How Many Bugs in the Grass

We're still working on our #10's. We're also cutting grass, adding bugs to our grass and counting how many bugs are in the grass. You'll need scissors and a glue stick for this…

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2nd U4L20 #1

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Little White Owl Day 2

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Lesson 4.4 Intro Video

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Activity Time: Tuesday, March 30 - Coconut Tree with Letters

Today we're practicing writing the #5 in our number books. We're also making our Chicka-Chicka coconut tree with letters. You'll need all the parts we sent home and some glue. Have…

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Literacy: Listening for word parts

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