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SchoolTube's History of the American Flag

SchoolTube's History of the American Flag On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress passed an act instituting an official flag for the United States. The original flag had 13 stripes and 13…

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Activity Time: Thursday, April 1 - Tiger Tails & Alphabet Sounds

We need crayons to make our rainbow "5" today. We're also practicing our beginning word sounds by playing an alphabet sound matching game. Have fun making stripe patterns on your…

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Activity Time: Wednesday, March 31 - Animal Attribute Game & Counting Animals

Let's practice our 5's in our number books and our V's on our play dough/dry-erase cards, as well as hunt for V's on our letter hunt page. We're also looking for zoo animal…

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March 12, 2021 Morning Announcements

All student council officers (Joya, Elle, Luca, Bodhi & Jake) co-host the Morning Announcements. We acknowledge the one year anniversary of in-person learning being halted in Los Angeles due to…

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Flores 21_22

Ms. Lisa Flores is our 2021-22 Classified Employee of the Year

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Wednesday Activity Time - Painting Hats

Today we're cutting out our mittens to complete our mitten project. Let's get that paint back out to paint a hat. See if you can make a pattern design on your hat. We're also…

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Tuesday Activity Time - Mitten Lacing and Painting Matching Mittens

We're drawing mittens in our fine motor journal today. Have fun lacing your mitten with the yarn we provided. We're also painting mittens. Be sure to only paint one mitten and after…

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Tuesday (12/22) Activity Time - Wrapping Frames and Candy Cane Cutting Activity

Let's wrap our frames and give them to a special loved one. You'll need scissors and tape. You can also add a gift tag and write your name and the name of the person you're giving…

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2nd thru 5th grade video #11

Elementary art - painting a background around Xmass characters

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