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Discussing Mental Health

Suicide Prevention Month Video

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Ann Duckless, Director of Suicide Prevention from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-NH), presents a pre-recorded webinar on suicide prevention. Fern Seiden, Director of Student Wellness…

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To Have A Buddy Series (PT 1)

What does it mean to have a buddy? It means being there for students no matter the circumstances. It means to be One Raider as a community, as a faculty, and as a student body for one another. Mr.…

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Suicide prevention

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I Choose to Live

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suicide prevention

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60 second PSA Suicide prevention

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SESD Suicide Prevention- Presented By Kara Vojcsik

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PSA suicide prevention, Central Tech Digital Media Students

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Erika's Lighthouse

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Suicide Prevention PSA--"You Only Live Once"

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PSA- "SUICIDE PREVENTION," Knudson Middle School

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Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention PSA--"A Life in Your Hands Again"

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Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention by SMS Change Makers

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