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Family Support Services Programs - Sep 2022

Grand Island Central School District Social Worker and Family Support Services Program Coordinator, Jessica Hutchings, explains the many avenues of mental health and counseling support that students…

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Quincy School Committee September 22, 2021

Among the topics discussed in the meeting were the survey taken with students, parents, and teachers in how the Covid ESSER III federal funds should be used for the Quincy Public Schools. Also, Maura…

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Magic School Bus - Flexes Its Muscles

The Body

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Sidway Elementary New Playground Creation and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Faculty and staff of Sidway Elementary School celebrated the official opening of the new Sidway Playground on Wednesday, June 2nd. After three and a half years of fundraising and waiting to build…

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I'm a Bucket Filler!

Bronx Charter School for the Arts 2Blue Community Meeting Friday, October 12, 2012

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Bullying ("Are You A Bully?")

This is a presentation on BULLYING and bullying resources... Types of Bullying discussed in the video: *PHYSICAL *VERBAL *SOCIAL AND/OR EMOTIONAL *CYBER

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How To Be A Good Friend

Today is Best Friends Day! Tell your friends you love and appreciate them and watch this video to learn how to be a good friend. How To Be A Good Friend: 1. Always listen to your friends. It is…

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Henry Holton Takes The Ice read By Ray Romano

Henry Holton’s whole family is hockey mad. Everyone, that is, except Henry. When he holds a hockey stick, Henry becomes a menace to the game—and an embarrassment to his sports-minded…

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Opinion - Transitions support Examples

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Online learning during coronavirus shut-downs: Help for teachers

Ruby Payne shares strategies for teachers looking for ways to teach online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) school closings.

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Save The Michaels Presentation 1-7-2020

The Grand Island Wellness Committee is excited to share that the Family Support Center has reestablished a relationship with Save the Michaels of the World, Inc., an organization that provides…

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Lesson 1.2 Project Success 2nd session

Lesson 2--Changes to the brain & relationships

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Hear From Our i-Ready Customers: Eric Conti (Superintendent) -- Burlington, MA

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MHS - Support and Growth

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Jasmyn's Soccer Life - 2018

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Support Southwest Harrison Elementary

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