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2021 Homecoming Candidates

After a tornado hit Piper, the Homecoming Candidates switched places with their partners. In this video, they explain who they are while still in the other person's body. Video edited by Jai…

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Upload Photos for Our Yearbook!

Download HJ EShare!

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Sentence SWAG

Sentence SWAG

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The Recess Queen (TEAMS 9-2-20)

Today with Ms. Lane on TEAMS, we read The Recess Queen and learned about SWAG sentences.

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You Will Be My Friend

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D Taggart - Poem

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I Am From

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The Watch

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Life (Editing Project)

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Good Morning Gettysburg 2

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Swag in a Can

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Dumb Dumbs

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Portal 2 Test chamber 2

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volleyball projecto- ethan, spencer, gabby

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Partner Podcast - Vinny and J-Dawg

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