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feb 9th finished broadcast

DTV Volleyball Valentine's Day Allergies

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Gingerbread House Competition - Mehlville Media

Check out some bonus holiday content!

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Animated Hero Classics - Helen Keller

In this program, learn about Helen Keller. With the help of a patient teacher, she is successful in overcoming obstacles of deafness and blindness and learns to communicate.

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Video Recording - Tues Mar 23 2021 14:52:06 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

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The Git Up

This was one of the first editing projects of the school year for students in 2019-2020 to learn basic functions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Questions and Answer choices


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First Day Jitters

Listen to Ms. Lane read First Day Jitters.

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Zoom test Sp 2

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Rec - 7 May 2020 7:57 - 's Private Room.mp4

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Message to CeCe.webm

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Fun Friday 04/272020

In this Fun Friday video, we are dancing. We will start off by stretching, showing some moves from the song then doing the moves to the music.

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Goober Peas.mp4

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K-6 PE Thursday, April 9

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Mrs. Nawrozki - Compound Words

Mrs. Nawrozki shares an activity to practice building and reading compound words.

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