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Ms. Audra’s Class—Science

Dissecting crayfish in science.

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No matter your size, abilities, and talents, you are one of a kind. Come enjoy this delightful book that celebrates the many qualities that make each child unique, special and remarkable, too.

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Module 4 Reading Review

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Dolphins - Mrs. Ring

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Story: The Pout Pout Fish

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Daily Language Review Day 1

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Tuesday - April 28th 2020, 12:52:41 pm

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4/24/20 - Duck Art, Science, and Story

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Heggerty: Week 3- Thursday

Miss Stitz is teaching a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson for Thursday, week three.

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Incredible Journey 5.4.mp3

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Jessi Lorenzen Challenge

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CPSB-TV 2-23-15

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World-Class Swimmer Maddie Wall

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I Am A Swimmer

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