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Elementary Announcements 3.2.22

Morning News

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Elementary Announcements 11.18.21

Morning News

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6th Grade Math Personal Financial History - Credit Reports and Credit History

Learn the importance of positive credit history and how to build positive credit history rather than negative credit history. Also learn what is on a credit report, what is considered a good credit…

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2nd Grade Math Personal Financial Literacy Borrowing and Lending

Learn about responsible and irresponsible borrowing and lending through relevant scenarios. Three examples are provided in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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60 seconds

This video is about me and the work I have created, it shows images of me and my friends and the clips of my work from other created videos. This video is called 60 seconds because the point of the…

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Elementary Announcements

Morning News

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Unit 1 Review (ALG)

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change the name

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Time #ForNature Youth Voices

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Teaser Official

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