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Lesson 4 Session 3

Practice making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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3rd Grade Math Frequency Tables and Dot Plots

Learn how to represent a data set with both a frequency table and a dot plot. Two different examples are given in the video. Find all my videos and even more math resources at…

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3rd Grade Math Subtracting Across Zeros.avi

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Unit 7 Review Part 1

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frequency:stem jan 25

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Tiger Talk Oct 28

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Number 6 Practice

Practice with number 6.

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Math Chit Chat # 7

Deanna Jump's Math Chat.

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Sort and Count

We are going to learn how to sort objects and use tally marks, picture graphs, and numbers to count our data!

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Standard, Expanded, Word, Forms 4/30 Math Level C

Follow along with me and do your math assignment today. Send me a pic/video/or message of your work.

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4th Unit 9 Lesson 7 A Frequency Tables Dot Plots

This video will help students understand what Frequency Tables and Dot Plots are and how to complete them.

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My "quick" way to send grades to students...

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Thursday, Math Video pg. 167-168

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Tuesday, Math Video page. 159-162

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