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Hilarious Teacher Technology in the Classroom

Watch this satirical look at the latest in teacher technology in the classroom. For over 140 additional teacher videos check out my channel and hit that sub button. My podcast is called Crying in…

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iAm Amelia

I cover the many dogs and chickens I have had over the years. I used iMovie trailer for the production of this project in my Broadcast Technology class.

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iAM Parker Koons

This iAM movie shows places I have been and my dogs. I used iAM movie to create this project for broadcast technology class.

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This video goes over my hobbies, my family, and my overall personal life. This was created using iMovie trailer. Done as a project in Broadcast Technology 1. Made by Jacob Begis.

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iAm Kiyla

This video has photos of my friends and I during the summer. This video also shows who iAm as a person and what hobbies I love to do.

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iAm Gramm

This iAm video tells the story of me, my family, and my musicianship. I used the iMovie Trailer to create this project for Broadcast Tech I.

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iAm Kalina

This video tells the story of me and my life. It includes pictures and memories of people and pets from now and the past. I used iMovie trailer to create this project for Broadcast Technology I…

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Dog - Jon Lewis

This video tells the story of my dog through his life. I used iMovie trailer to create this video for Broadcast Technology 1 Class.

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Outwit. Outlast. Outplay. Two Broadcast Technology teams take part in a life or death reality TV battle to win challenges and be the chosen the victor of the best final video for the semester.…

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BMW Car Commercial

BMW car commercial produced by Gabe Elzein in Broadcast Technology II class at Ladue High School.

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Extraordinary Women: Ada Lovelace - Inspiring story of first programmer - Educational Game for Kids

For more info, check out: How many women mathematicians do you know? And women mountain climbers or swimmers? History is full of girls who were warriors and…

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Founder Story Disguise the Surprise

My first video in Broadcast Tech III. A founder story about my mom and her company, Disguise the Surprise. We tried to make an informing yet fun to watch video, with the goal being she has a video to…

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Ladue View: No Day Like Today

In the January 2022 Ladue View show, we introduced a new variety show format to our program. In this edition, we will showcase a few of these ideas for Ladue View: No Day Like Today. The 4 segments…

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Dejett's Story (Project Pathways)

vvvvv !! IMPORTANT !! vvvvv If you haven't already, I highly recommend watching 60 Seconds 2022 before watching this, it will give some much-needed context. Anyway, stay tuned for the thrilling…

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hero particle


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