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How to Import into Plan

How to import to Plan tab

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4 FREE Tools to Improve Your Next Presentation!

For more info, check out: Think Outside the Box (fully playlist) 👉🏻…

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Importing a Canvas Template-MMS

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SchoolTube-Wochit Tutorial for Ladue

A quick video to use WOCHIT for Ladue teachers. Use the CHROME browser and sign-in using CLEVER.

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Wochit Presentation by Paul Langhorst

Watch and listen as Paul Langhorst, VP of Marketing for SchoolTube describes and demonstrates the new Wochit video & presentation builder application.

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Computer Literacy Word Lesson 2

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Computer Literacy Word Lesson 3

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How to create drawings & units command

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CW Chapter

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Cheri Goosby-Video Recording - Thu Apr 30 2020-Charlotte's Web

This is the read aloud for Chapter 9 of Charlotte's Web. Enjoy!

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G3 M7 L13 Concept Development

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Kaltura Capture recording - March 27th 2020, 3:19:36 pm

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Notification Rules and Drive Templates

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Google Docs Templates How to Access Them

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