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Music Producer Test

Follow the instructions in this video for downloading the attached tracks, adding those downloaded tracks to BandLab as Audio Files, and producing my musical idea.

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Assignment 4 - Debug Practice 2

Debug practice 2 in Earskstech - You can copy the code from google docs

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Set Your Tempo and Loop Range

This was a Classwork assignment (40%) issued on Tuesday, December 1. Open your BandLab account, find this Assignment, complete and submit your work bu Friday, December 4.

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16 Measures of Music

Watch this video to learn how to successfully complete your "16 Measures of Music" BandLab assignment.

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Kinder Dance Lesson for week of October 5, 2020

It's SCIENCE collaboration week! Let's use the PUSH/ PULL principles that you have been learning about with Mrs. Belateche and see them in action doing KENPO KARATE!!

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Bonaparte's retreat 160 bpm

Play Along Performance Tempo

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