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6.3 Lesson

Lesson on introduction to vectors: putting into component form, adding vectors, scalar multiplication, unit vectors in the same direction, linear combination form, and finding the direction angle.

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13.2 pg 840 (9, 11, 43)

This video review 3 specific practice problems from section 13-2.

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How Does An Impulse Move?

An impulse moves only in one direction from an axon to the dendrites or cell body of another neuron.

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The Nerve Cells

The functioning unit of the nervous system.

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AP Physics C - Dynamics Review (Mechanics) - Newton's 3 Laws, Friction, Equilibrium

Calculus based review of Newton’s three laws, basic forces in dynamics such as the force of gravity, force normal, force of tension, force applied, force of friction, free body diagrams,…

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