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Mr. Messicci Retires! • speech • May 25, 2022

Here's the text of Mr. Messicci's retirement speech from May 25, 2022. * Turn up the volume for the first few minutes of the video. * The quality of the video improves at the 3:24 mark. …

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Thank You Ms. Long

Thank You

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Coker_feature story

thanj you

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Thank You Mrs. Hudek

thank you

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Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving ~ Reading for Kids!

Kids Books: THANK YOU, SARAH read aloud for children is about the Woman Who SAVED Thanksgiving! I bet you didn't know the classic American Holiday almost died off! It's a True Life KidTime…

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Thank you Mrs. Curran!

This school year was really tough for students and educators. Watch this video to see all the ways my teacher made my year better!

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Thank You Instruction Technology Department

Video thank you card from Mrs. Davidson and Mr. Goble thanking our technology colleagues for all they have done for us, and our students, during this past year of COVID-19.

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thank u letter ,3

Thank you, Mrs.Hartigan

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Thank You Coach McGovern

A big thanks to the teacher who has helped me through it all

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Video Thank You Card

In the class Broadcast Tech, each student was asked to make a video thanking a teacher or educator that has helped them learn during the pandemic. I chose to make mine for my Advanced Literature and…

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Thank you Ms.Keltner

This is my thank you video to a pretty cool teacher.

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Thank You Horn

This is a thank you video I made and sent to one of my teachers. It is a very hard and strange time right now and everyone needs to know that people appreciate them and what they do for us.

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Video Thank You Cards

This is a video thanking my math teacher, Ms. Turley, for being a great teacher and for all of her hard work in the classroom this year.

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Thank you Video

We were asked to do a project where we need to record 30 - 60 second video thank you card to one of the instructor that helped me or that I like.

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Thank you Video

Here is my Thank you Video for one of my favorite teachers Ms.Monsen! Ms.Monsen is an amazing math teacher here at Ladue and this is a video to thank her for everything she does. Watch this video to…

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Thank you, Parents!

The teachers, therapists, and staff of DePaul School have a very special message for you!

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