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U3.L3 - Exterior Walls

Creating custom wall thickness to replicate our real life balsa wood. Exterior walls on the first and second floors

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How to Puree Fruit

How to puree fruit

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Own Your Mistakes - (WSCN PTV 2, Semester 2)

If you make a mistake, own up to it and try to fix it!

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Layers of the Earth

Earth's Layers

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THE PHOTOSYNTHESIS SONG (Parody of The Weeknd - Starboy)

2nd Photosynthesis song

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GTT 17-2

weeding and cleaning up

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Planer Safety Video (again)

This video will teach you how to safely operate the planer.

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2021-2022 Episode 10

CHSN Week of 11/19/2021

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Koo Koo Dinostomp

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Kinder and 1st Grade video #8

Elementary art - triangles, curves, ovals and rectangles for Halloween symbols

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Go Math Lesson 4.3

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Using Shapes to Annotate PDFs

Add a PDF to Google Slides and create shapes on the screen to make the worksheet interactive

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Coil Vase designs and craftsmanship video

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coil vase evaluate craftsmanship on visual scale

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9.17 Math

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beginning coil vase with template demo

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