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Create Video Submission Channel

Ideal for media, film, and journalism teachers and their classes - the ability for students to upload videos to a central channel for class projects, assignments, and productions.

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Alex Collins

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Channel Collaboration

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How to Add Members, Contributors and Managers to SchoolTube Channel

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Add a User to your private SchoolTube Channel

In this tutorial, Mr. Goble will show you how to add him (dgoble) as a User to your private Channel.

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How to make your SchoolTube Channel public

Mr. Goble shows you how to make sure your SchoolTube Channel is listed as public.

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Create and Publish to Private SchoolTube Channel

Learn how to create and publish videos to a private SchoolTube channel.

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Upload to SchoolTube and add to Channel

Watch this video tutorial Mr. Goble recorded from class showing you how to upload a video to SchoolTube and adding it to your Channel

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How to find your SchoolTube Channel URL

Use this video to learn how to find your SchoolTube Channel URL. This is the URL you will turn in for assignments in Google Classroom.

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Modeling AAC with Google Meet

Use Google Meet with communication pages created in Google Slides to model AAC using split screen in tele-therapy

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Frank Stella Sketching Sheet Video Instructions

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Comprehensive SchoolTube Training

Learn how to use SchoolTube from the basics to advanced features.

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Info for you to watch Must Watch

Hope you enjoy

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Working Collaboratively in SchoolTube: How do I School Tube? Ep. 6

How to add users to a channel so that a team of teachers keeps the videos for one group of students (or any group of users) organized in one place

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Teacher SchoolTube Basic Video Hosting Walk-Through

In this video, I will go over the basics of how to upload and manage your SchoolTube videos for use in your Caprock Academy classes as well as how to share the link with your class in LMS.

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STARS The Dr. Binocs Show Best Educational Videos for Kids Peekaboo Kids

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