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Peter Pans Flight - Magic Kingdom 2018

2nd Star to the Right and on till Morning!

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The Night Before Mother's Day Read Aloud

For more info, check out: To celebrate Mother's Day, read along with this wonderfully rhythmic story by Natasha Wing of a family…

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Review color mixing -primary colors and secondary colors

color mixing

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Scroll Saw Safety Video

This video will walk you through how to safely use the scroll saw in my classroom. Make sure to pay attention during the video, the answers to the quiz are talked about throughout.

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Orca Live January 20, 2022

"On Demand" edition of Orenco Elementary School's "Orca Live" television news program.

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Author's Purpose | English For Kids | Mind Blooming

What is the Author's Purpose? Learn the reasons why authors write certain texts.

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Monster in my closet project presentation

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Matching Mitten Drawing

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Demonstration of handwashing using soap and thoroughly scrubbing hands clean.

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Halloween Hustle

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1st Grade Lesson 3

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AM Mtg - Aug 28

Morning Meeting Aug 28

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morning meeting 8/27

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001 Heggerty Rhyme Repetition

Intro to rhyme repetition

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8th Science 08202020

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phonics 68

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