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We Can Be Problem Solvers

It is crucially important to teach little people (and big people) how to explore problem solving options. These skills are vital to developing appropriate social skills and future learning.

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Teacher Tips | Engaging Instructional Videos

Planning and recording an instructional video can be time-consuming. As a teacher, it's important to be intentional with the words and content that you use. Learn more about making your videos…

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Pomodoro Technique 8 x 25 min - Study Timer 4 h

Pomodoro Technique 25 min work, 5 min break. 8 x 25 min = 4 h Effective Learning Technique Introduction: The timer is divided into two parts. the first one is 25 minutes long. Here you…

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5 Minute Kids - Kindergarten Timer 🐮 Dancing Animals Happy Music 🎶

❤️Please subscribe 5 minute cartoon animated dancing animals timer with dancing lion, elephant, zebra, giraffe, hippo and…

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5 Minute Clean up Fun Music with Countdown for Kids in HD!

#kidstimer #5minutes #cleanup A super fun kids 5 minute clean up 5 Minute countdown timer with happy music to help get them cleaning up. The timer ends with a fun sound to signal the end of the the…

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Second Step: Fair Ways to Play

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Teachable Moment Week 7

T. Mikki Week 7 Distraction and Focus

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Star 360- Adding Extended Time

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Sit Spot

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Letter sound practice Feb 3

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PE Scavenger Hunt #1

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Activity Log Jan.

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Thursday Activity Time - Calming Bottles

Continue practicing your names, writing the letter "Q" and making paw prints in your fine motor journal. Today's fun activity is making our own calming bottles! Find your baggy…

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Mrs. Zimmer teaches about squares and shows examples of squares.

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Silly Cup Catch

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Sliced/Sauteed Onion Lab 11/10

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