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Percents Fundamentals


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2/15 Class Session

Exodus 5

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Elementary Announcements 1.11.22

Morning News

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How is our Science Dept adapting to Remote Learning - Elijah Goldman

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Mixing colors with Pudding.mp4

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Step 3 - Add Visuals

With a solid script and a voiceover to guide your timing, you’re ready to add visuals. Get tips on crafting a look and feel, transformations and characters that tell your story to your audience…

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Introduction to Science Lab

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Lab 4

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Covid PSA

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Marble run 10 second challenge

This engineering challenge took several sessions to achieve.

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Apple Tree 2 & 3

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3rd grade origo 12.1

3rd Grade

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March 26 Morning Meeting

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14. Bing, Bang, BOOM Demo - Molly.MP4

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Most tattooed man

Lucky Diamond Rich talks about accepting who you are and feeling like he has an identity as a result of his Guinness World Records title - as the most tattooed man in the world. Use to…

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