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Newsies - The World Will Know - Scene #6 Eliott/Sylvia

Eliott is Jack (actor) and Sylvia is Jack (singer) in this pivotal scene in which the Newsies decide to strike after all. Kian is Wiesel. Awesome fight scene in the middle! Scene AND song.

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1st Music Lesson June 2

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Elem. Band Trumpet Sectional May 18-22

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5.11.2020 Morning Message Focus: Long Vowel O

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7th & 8th Choir May 6 Basses ONLY

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ABA Ice Cream assignment

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Rec - 24 Apr 2020 10:27 - Ms. Saenz-Literacy.mp4

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Riding in a Buggy with Syncopation

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Recorder Lesson - 3rd grade Jump in

Off the cuff Recorder lesson all about Questions and Answers; G-A-B on Recorder

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K Music Lesson April 21

Sing along with Miss Kelly!

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6th Grade Math 12.3 Part 1

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We're Going On a Bear

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Centering- Yoga Nidra

Hey friends! We are going to move our bodies to get our wiggles out then settle down with a guided visualization. You may want a flat pebble to use on your forehead for grounding.

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1st Period SS 8-9 for Apr 1.mp4

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Centering- yoga nidra

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1st Grade Music Lesson 3/31/2020

Sing along with Miss Kelly!

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