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The TOP 40 Biggest Machines In The World

Check out The Top 40 Biggest Machines In The World! Machine operators job description includes taking care of all machine-specific functions such as configuring the equipment, loading and operating…

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Truck Tunes for Kids

Kids LOVE these songs about trucks! Dance and sing along as you watch these machines in action. Read-aloud videos are an instructional practice where teachers, parents, and caregivers read texts…

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ZHC Customized A School!

Check out this group of artists take over a high school and totally transform it. This was the craziest thing we've ever done Subscribe and we might surprise your school next! (No joke I…

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Bill Nye the Science Guy - Pseudoscience

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Pseudoscience E04E09

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Let's Build a City: Crash Course Kids #48.1

In this video, students will use all the things they've learned about engineering so far and apply them to a large-scale project: building a city. This playlist of 17 videos from Crash Course…

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The Office (Howmet Aerospace Edition) - WSCN Short Film, Semester One 2022

Laci travels around Howmet to see how life functions at the office.

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Talavera pottery in Mexico: Traditional style listed by UNESCO

It is a style of ceramics that dates back centuries and a tradition that links Spain and Mexico. Now, the cultural significance of "Talavera" pottery has been officially recognised by the…

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Convert Customary Units of Weight | Ounces, Pounds, and Tons

Welcome to how to Convert Customary Units of Weight with Mr. J! Need help with converting between ounces, pounds, and tons? You're in the right place! Whether you're just starting out,…

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Elementary Announcements 1.26.22

Morning News

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2021 FCCC - Keeping It Real

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3rd Grade Math Volume and Weight

Learn to distinguish the various metric and customary units for volume (capacity) and the customary units for weight. Several examples are given in the video. Find all my videos and even more math…

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AAM Teen Council Interview

Reported and interviewed.

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New Recording

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Interview an Expert

For this project, I interviewed Zev Gordman about reselling shoes and other streetwear!

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Similar Figures

Similar Figures

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Video Recording - Tues Apr 13 2021 16:53:26 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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