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Clay (how to put features on pots, and assignment instructions)

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Activity Time: Wednesday, February 17 - Straw Rocket & Race Through the Solar System

Keep practicing drawing planets, the sun and details in your fine motor journals. Have fun playing with your sensory space mix. Race through the Solar System using your Space sheet with start…

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October 29, 2020 Morning Announcements

Student Body Secretary, Bodhi, plays two Halloween theme songs for his weekly segment, Guess Bodhi's Year-Long Songs. Louisa Belateche (Mrs. Belateche's sister) fills in for Lori to share…

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MS/HS art (mask pt 1)

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Elementary art (mask)

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Pinch pot

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2nd Grade MATH - Thursday, May 28

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#1 Horrible Harry's Secret Chapter 1 - Mrs. Brannon

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Playing with Food

Watch Ms. Theresa create a car, rocket and sailboat out of food from her refrigerator. Children, try for yourselves!

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Wednesday Math 4-22

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4/17/20 - 2 science experiments

Mixing 2 colors to make a new color. Experiment with food color, milk, and dish soap

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Bridge Bust 2014

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Young Team - WSCN

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STEM Toothpick Bridge Building Finals

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Baseball Field Toothpick Creation

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Engineering a Toothpick Bridge

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