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Tectonic Plates For Kids Geology For Kids

plate tectonics for kids

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MS74 Health and Wellness - Very Berry Smoothie

Here's the latest student recipe video by MS74's Health and Wellness Club. This video and recipe is from 6th grader Maya Antal.

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CREWS 4 NEWS @ BES - December 10, 2021

Weekly news show capturing events and activities at our school. - The debut of Spotlight on BES, our new segment featuring individuals who will share something special about themselves or about our…

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Status Update 9.9

This episode features news about the ROTC Drill Teams, the new Athletic Driector, the DRHS Art Club, the student snack bar, and homecoming highlights.

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Diversity Family Stories - Korea

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Class of 2021 Memories.webm

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GROW Retail Store Introduction to Sorting and Tagging Merchandise

GROW Vocational Coordinator Kerry Macurdy goes over the Retail classroom duties

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Day 2-Chapter 5-8

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Alma Thomas Lines

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Rabbit’s Snow Dance

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November Skill 1 (basic) - Scoop Toss

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Oct. 22 WS.mp4

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WWTV News October 22, 2020

WWTV News October 22, 2020

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WWTV October 20, 2020

Episode one of WWTV Newscast

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Thursday Activity Time - Pumpkin Lanterns & Coloring Pages

Today we're making a pumpkin lantern! You'll need the orange pumpkin sheet, scissors, tape or glue stick and your green yarn. Cut along the dotted lines, roll the paper into a cylinder…

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Video Recording - Mon Oct 05 2020 07:38:06 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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