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10 Biggest Off Road Buses in the World

The biggest off-road buses for public transport buses crossing beaches, rivers, swamps and snowy mountains The world's largest off-road bus and other off-road vehicles used for…

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ATC Director Jen Kiley Reads "Someone Builds The Dream"

ATC Director Jen Kiley reads Someone Builds The Dream, written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Loren Long.

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Saints @ 8 - January 31, 2022

Saints @ 8 - January 31, 2022

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Video Recording - Thurs Apr 29 2021 13:39:43 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

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Directions for April 26

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Wilson OM Promo

Wilson OM Promo

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They Call It Pretzel City

Freeport, Illinois is home to the second of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and there's a statue of both Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debating at a park in downtown. It's known as the…

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Rec - 5 Jan 2021 10:44 - Melody's lessen.mp4

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Cutting P. 15

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VCMS Daily Announcements 8/26/20

Important Dates

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Coordinate Planes

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May 5

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Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Video Recording - Fri May 01 2020 15:40:29 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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4.27 Spiral Review

4th Grade

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I’m Stretched- 4/2 Mental Vacation

Talk with your family about where you would go for your mental vacation. Draw a picture of it. And if you’d like find videos of that location to add to the fun. Have a wonderful day!

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