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November 21st Monday Mindful Moment

Monday Mindful Moment with deep breathing, stretching and focus on gratitude.

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MV ANN 11-21-22

MV ANN 11-21-22

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MV ANN 11-17-22

MV ANN 11-17-22

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MV ANN 10-19-22

MV ANN 10-19-22

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What Does A Counselor Do to Help Us in Emergencies?

Dive deeper into a Counselor's career and find out how this Helper assists in emergency situations. Learn more at

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Student Trauma Rates are Higher Than Ever. How Play Therapy Can Help

The ideas presented in this video could change the lives of so many children. Watch and learn about the positive impact play has on children, especially those that have experienced trauma. The…

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CCMS Reports Friday 16

Students explore a couple different classrooms, we have Fun friday trivia, and next weeks first dress up day!

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Lesson 4 Session 3

Practice making bar graphs and picture graphs.

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Boy’s reaction to finally getting a dog is the moment we all need to see ❤️❤️

This will brighten your day, even if you aren't a dog lover like this boy clearly is.

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August 30, 2022

Morning Announcements

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Subject Verb Agreement (singular and plural noun + action verb)

This video shows you how to match singular and plural nouns to matching action verbs. Click the links below for more practice! :) Singular and Plural Noun Video:…

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Lesson 2 Session 4

Using mental math strategies for subtraction.

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MVTV 02 aug 2022

mvtv show

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Harbor Lights

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Harbor Lights

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The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain

For more info, check out: The Kissing Hand is written by Audrey Penn, illustrated by Ruth E. Harper and Nancy M. Leak and read by…

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