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December Dance - Trolls Just Want to Have Fun

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Fruit Drawing Help for Josh

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Writing Loooong!

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Mr. Stoody's Summertime Virtual Gym Message

Unscripted, off the cuff, this is me sharing a personal message about why I wanted to provide you all with a virtual gym filled with summer time activities. Being physically active is extremely…

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Tuesday 5/19: Phonics story "The Trail Ride"

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Unit 7 Wk2 Days 2-3

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Twist Children Song Right and Left Dance song Patty Shukla

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2nd Grade Josh Ladd Thursday April 30

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Social Studies - April 27 /13.1 The Oregon Country (Part 2)

Sorry, I forgot to show you this in the first video. It's another of my great artwork drawings!!

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star trails

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The Scorch Trails by Dashner Video Book Trailer by Jmal Moon

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Trails to the West

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The Heritage of Alaska Episode 21: How to Start an Alaskan Library

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Physics at Snow Trails

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