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More Dinosaurs

The 1980's was critical in shaping the idea of a dinosaur in the American mind. Many people help with this but none more so that Gary Owens and Eric Boardman.

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Dinosaurs the Terrible Lizards

Wuh Changs masterful dinosaurs inspired kids throughout the 80's. The sense of wonder his stop motion dinos instilled in me helped lead me to study science and dinosaurs more and more.

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The dinosaur renaissance is how our old ideas about dinosaurs changed into our current view. From sluggish reptiles destined for extinction to intelligent, warm blooded lethal but parental animals.…

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Last part of Fortunately the Milk

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Chapter 7 Magic Tree House.m4v

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Harry and the bucketful of Dinosaurs read by Mrs Rowley

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Tyrannosaurus Drip byJulia Donaldson and David Roberts

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HH in Room 2B - Chapter 3 -Mrs. Brannon

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#5 Dinosaurs Before Dark Chapter 9 and 10 - Mrs. Brannon (

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#4 Dinosaurs Before Dark Chapter 7 and 8 - Mrs. Brannon (

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2nd Grade PHONICS - Monday, May 4

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“Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!?” Read Aloud

By Lois Grambling Illustrated by H. B. Lewis Fiction Thinking Jobs: 1. Who are the characters? 2. What do they want? 3. How do they get what they want?

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Thursday April 23 Part 1


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Monday, April 20 Part 2

Targetboard Part 2

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Meg's Eggs by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

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