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Watch this video for my so heart felt apology.

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Stikbot Studio | App Tutorial Video

*Check out more Tips and Tricks at (link to the app below) The StikBot Studio app is simple to use. It allows you to quickly make and share animations with your friends or EVERYONE…

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How to Turn in an Event Photoshoot

How to turn in an event photoshoot.

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How to Publish Videos to Private School Gallery

Learn how to publish a video to your school's private video gallery. Note: Viewers must have an account under the school in order to access and view videos in the private gallery.

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World Geography 8/24

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Remove Student Group Demo

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Video Scheduling Tutorial

Learn how to set open and end dates for video viewing on SchoolTube.

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Chromebook Users: Creating a Word doc or PowerPoint and Uploading to Canvas

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Adobe Spark Pages GLIDESHOW tutorial

Mr. Goble demos how to set up the Glideshow feature for your Adobe Spark Page Digital Portfolios.

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Padlet Tutorial_Student Friendly

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47 Color Enhancement

47 Color Enhancement

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Submitting Assignments: Office 365 Assignment

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Taking a Photo with an IPAD-Canvas Assignment

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How to Upload Files to One Drive

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How to take a picture of your work

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Create and Publish to Private SchoolTube Channel

Learn how to create and publish videos to a private SchoolTube channel.

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