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Reid's Mystery Case Report

Students acted as detectives and wrote an official case report after they solved the mystery from their chosen mystery book.

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Anna Parker Speech 3 2022

Hallsville High School

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Top 10 Notes: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This is the most famous story of a Headless Horseman and a schoolmaster. Welcome to and in this installment of Mojo Notes, we'll be exploring ten things you should know about…

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Singing in a Grain Bin

The Bethel College Choir sang in a grain bin. Farming is the characteristic activity that takes place on a Farm, and typically it involves the management of a biological process, such as growing…

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Eisenhut Elementary Daily ESN Morning News Broadcast

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Phonics Song 2 (new version)

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. This song was written and performed by A.J.…

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Real Gases: Crash Course Chemistry #14

This playlist consists of 47 videos all about Chemistry. Teachers can use these videos to support their lesson plans and engage students. These videos each cover specific topics and concepts…

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ANNE FRANK'S DIARY - An animated feature film

For more info, check out: Awarded the Children’s Jury Award at the Chicago International Children’s Festival. « The Film has moved me and I…

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ERHS Morning Announcements 2-8-22

school news

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WWTV News November 4, 2021


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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Based on the original story by Washington Irving 🎃 Meet the spindly Ichabod Crane, who dreams of sweeping beautiful Katrina Van Tassel off her feet, despite opposition from town bully Brom Bones,…

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The Last Meal of Ichabod Crane | Townsends

#townsendssleepyhollow Join John Townsend as he recreates a Dutch ginger cake that may very well have graced the Van Tassel table. Bring history (and literature!) to life with a dive into the food…

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Art With Mati & Dada – VanGogh | Kids Animated Short Stories in English

Subscribe to Art With Mati & Dada's here: Mati and Dada discovers how VanGogh was an excellent painter and learns about his famous paintings such as Cafe Terrance at…

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4th Grade Demo Video

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Handwriting: Letter V Number 5

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Tiger Talk Wednesday, March 17

Tiger Talk, Wed 3/17 Corsicana High School

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